Saturday, January 1, 2011

the final stages of post-production

The final stage of editing will occur over the next two weekends as I travel to San Jose to assist my online editor, Chris Odell, with all the transitions, audio balancing, color corrections and inserts of voice-overs, sounds, and music. We are, miraculously, on schedule for a cast and crew preview screening sometime in the last two weeks of January. This private screening will also serve to test the movie for projection and audio quality in case any further corrections are needed before going public with the film.

The running time will be somewhere between 2:10 and 2:20 -- clearly the longest film I have made. And this comes after dropping four entire scenes and many other moments. Yet this story demands as much time for its twists and turns to do their thing and for the ending to make sense in its own wicked way. With a cast of twenty and a crew of twice that many, this is also my most populated film to date. After this project is over, I see only one way to go and that is down down down. As much I am enthralled by working with large casts, I look forward to returning to a much more intimate setting such as I knew in my 2002 film, HYSTERIA.

Soon I will be scouting venues to premiere "TO DREAM OF FALLING UPWARDS" and possibly a May/June west coast tour through Seattle, Portland, Sacramento, Nevada City, the SF Bay area and beyond.



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